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CloudXpert: Your Gateway to Cybersecurity SaaS Solutions in GCC Markets

CloudXpert is a leading cloud SaaS aggregator and distributor, providing global Saas Vendors access to local GCC markets over sovereign clouds approved by local regulators. We focus on providing saas cloud services related to Cybersecurity SaaS solutions, Data management, Data Privacy, and protection. We bring world-class saas cloud providers, vendors, and solutions to our platform, offering affordable costs without the need for on-premise implementation. 

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Cyber Security as a Service

Stay one step ahead of cyber threats with CloudXpert's top-notch security solutions.

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​Streamline regulatory compliance and manage risks with CloudXpert's GRC solutions.

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Data Privacy 

At CloudXpert, we keep your data safe and compliant. Trust us with your sensitive information.

High-Performance CSaaS Solutions

CloudXpert is a reliable and secure cloud SaaS aggregator that offers world class cybersecurity and data protection solutions for businesses operating in GCC markets. By partnering with leading cloud computing providers and integrating with local integrators, CloudXpert ensures that customers receive seamless access to world-class solutions and services.

Cybersecuirty as a service


CloudXpert offers Cybersecurity-as-a-Service (Cyber SaaS) solutions that provide improved security, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and accessibility to protect businesses from cyber threats and risks. 

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CloudXpert's Cyber SaaS solutions are easily scalable, allowing businesses to add or remove applications as needed without capacity limitations.

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CloudXpert's Cyber SaaS solutions are cost-effective as users only pay for what they need, reducing overall IT costs for businesses.

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CloudXpert's Cyber SaaS solutions offer secure and accessible remote access to your applications from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Data Privacy 

CloudXpert offers cloud-based Data Privacy solutions with automated assessments and compliance solutions to meet national and international regulations.

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Cyber Forensics as a Service

CloudXpert offers Cyber Forensics as a Service (CFaaS), a cloud-based solution that enables organizations to gather, analyze, and preserve digital evidence for investigative purposes. 

Ready to level up your security? Reach out.

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